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Best Water Filter Company in Pakistan | LivePure Ro Plant

Livepure is the best water filter company in Pakistan since 2004. Our domestic ro plants, home water filters, uv water filters , reverse osmosis filters, reverse osmosis membranes are the best price in Pakistan with Matchless quality & results. livepure ro plants chooses multiple water purification process to make your home water clean, pure & healthy guaranteed.Our RO water Purifiers have an inbuilt TDS Controller which helps retaining essential natural minerals in the purified water, making it healthy. Ordinary water purifiers Remove essential minerals from the water, lowering the pH and ORP level and making it acidic. Livepure 7 Stages Alkaline RO water purifier comes with OrpH+ technology that adds vital minerals to water, thereby ensuring good health and better immunity for you and your family.


  1. 7 Stages Most Advanced Reverse Osmosis Purification Process
  2. 12 Liters Per hour Flow
  3. 100Gpd Capacity
  4. 5 Gallon Water Storage Tank
  5. High Quality Membrane (Vietnam)
  6. Mineral Filter for Healthy Water
  7. Alkaline Filter for High ph
  8. Goose-neck Chrome Faucet
  9. Complete Fitting Accessories
  10. Food Grade Heavy Housing
  11. 1 Year Warranty(No Electric Parts)
  12. Made in Vietnam
  13. 24 Watt Electricity Consumption
  14. Fully Automatic Operation
  15. Low Maintenance


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